Microelectronics in Neohm: always updated skills in the integration of electronic systems


The technology available in our Microelectronics Division has grown up in more than 20 years of experience and thanks to continuous updates: for our company it is a precise commitment, as well as interest, to maintain, update and develop the technical skills acquired. Neohm Components is now able to offer highly relevant skills in the integration of electronic systems on ceramic and metal substrates. The offer is aimed at those markets (e.g. military, space or biomedical) where the quality issues, performance and integration require attention that is not secondary compare to volumes, production costs and economies of scale.


Hybrid thick film circuits produced in Neohm for over 30 years


Neohm has been designing and manufacturing hybrid thick film circuits for over 30 years. In the past, for technological reason, the use of hybrid circuits was justified only for large production lots, while today, by automating and improving production lines, we are able to offer this type of circuits even for smaller production lots. To date, the hybrid circuit represents a possible solution where it is necessary to modularize highly complex boards using them as "single components". Neohm componenti can supply the bare hybrid circuit, with resin-based coating or inserted in a package. Hybrid circuits find application where it is necessary:

Provide miniaturized interconnection networks
Assembly a circuit that needs to dissipate lot of power
Create low-cost multilayer structures
Create resistors of high performance and precision
Make calibrations on assembled circuits
Achieve a higher level of reliability than other technologies
Make prototypes in a short time

When hybridize?

Our staff is available to help the customer understand if hybrid technology can be the best solution for your projects. By filling out our online form, you will have the opportunity to contact our specialized technicians for a quick and free consultation, with the maximum privacy.


Innovative and effective solutions in the field of power electronics


Many years of experience led us to improve innovative and effective solutions also in the field of power electronics. Where there is a need to effectively dissipate heat generated by electronic components, Neohm Components is able to intervene using insulated metal substrates, i.e. IMS. Given the wide application of this technology, our technical dept. is able to design the appropriate support based on shape, thickness and layout. Then, on the substrate created it is possible to assemble SMD components, making Wire Bonding, prepare wiring, connectors and pair the circuit to other mechanical components. Also in this case, we are at customer disposal to offer solutions aimed at getting the best results in terms of quality, costs, space, reliability and performance.


Wireless systems designed and industrialized in Neohm according to customer specification


Neohm Components was among the first industries to study and manufacture 433MHz and 866Mhz transceivers. The evolution of telecommunications made experiments and studies necessary to find new solutions up to date, even in collaboration with research institutes. Today we offer the possibility to design, industrialize and produce custom wireless systems, according to the customer's specification. Neohm is active where applications of this type are required:

Energy monitoring
Industrial automation

We are also able to replace wires with wireless devices up to 2.4GHz following this procedure:

Creation of a module for application with a constant power supply;
Design of a portable module (e.g. USB key);
Integration of wireless transmission in partnership with the customer by implementing existing electronics;
Realization of networks for sensor monitoring (alarm systems, probes, automation, security, data management ...).


Development, assembly and testing of printed circuits


Our company can play the role of subcontractor by addressing all those companies that need to have their product on the Printed Circuit. We are in fact able to offer the development, supply, assembly and testing of printed circuits, regardless of their complexity. To get this, we maintain a high quality standard by constantly checking the production process with visual checks of welds, cleaning of the boards and everything necessary. The control of the process and the action of the purchasing office in the procurement of the material, allow to reduce the production costs. Upon customer request, manufactuirng can be followed by:

Precision active and passive trimming
Electrical checks
Test-In Circuit
Functional Test


Custom resistors for special applications


Thanks to our 50 years experience in the field of resistors design and manufacturing, we are able to offer the customer a wide technical background. In fact, we are still present in the resistors market by providing custom solutions for special applications. Among the possible solutions:

Thick film resistors
Wire wound resistors
Metallic film resistors
High Voltage resistors
Special Value resistors
Resistive networks


Keeping up with market needs, Neohm Componenti is able to assemble complete equipment


Neohm Componenti is able to assemble complete equipment, such as:

Electronic devices
Electromechanical devices
Complete devices
Particulars with mixed technologies
Customized mechanical

In line with outsourcing, the customer is offered the opportunity to take advantage of services such as electronic and mechanical material supplying and functional testing of the assembled product.

Integrated circuit packaging

To date, Neohm Componenti is able to offer a packaging service for semiconductors and to support the customer in all the back end phases. Using standard processes, Neohm can be a partner to assist the customer in all the manufacturing phase: both on ceramic, metal and plastic packages.