The organization of the Quality Management System, which Neohm Components established in November 1993, is essential for achieving the strategic target. The Quality policy, defined by the Board of Directors and issued by the CEO, has the aim of obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs of the customer and the maximum corporate profitability. Our Quality Management System complies with UNI EN ISO 9100:2018 which establishes the basic criteria, pursuing the target of continuous improvement. For this reason, we can speak of a "dynamic" system in continuous evolution and updating, always careful to the needs of the world market.

Neohm makes quality a fundamental component of the product: quality is born with the project, in strict respect of consolidated rules through the experience of more than a thousand products made. This is what we do to get it and keep it:

Components and materials qualification
Suppliers check
Operators training
Production equipment control
Tools and test equipment calibration
Monitoring of critical process parameters
Electrical and technological tests according to specific customers request

And here is what customers can ask us for further:
Production lots self-certification
Burn-in procedure or screening
Execution of qualification plans before production starts
Reliability calculations in according to regulations