For over 20 years Neohm Componenti has cooperated in the development of scientific projects with the best national and international research centers. Among the research centers we are allowed to mention:

INFN - National Institute of Nuclear Physics
Polytechnic of Turin

Among the scientific programs in which Neohm Componenti participated, the following can be highlighted:

COSMO/Skymed (Galileo Avionica)

Earth Observation satellite constellation

GSTB (Galileo Avionica)

Galileo System test bed

HOT Bird V (Galileo Avionica)

Commercial communication satellite

SICRAL (Galileo Avionica)

Italian Communication Satellite

ALICE (Infn - Cern)

A Large Ion Collider Experiment at Cern

ATLAS (Infn - Cern)

High Energy Proton Collision Experiment at Cern

AUGER (Infn - Cern)

Auger Observatory High Energy Physics International Experiment

CMS (Infn - Cern)

Compact Muon Spectrometer at Cern

ARAMIS (Politecnico di Torino)

Modular Architecture for Nanosatellites